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Tea Tree 20-Piece Essential Oil Set: A Perfect Gift for Beauty

Looking to elevate your self-care routine? Discover the Tea Tree 20-Piece Essential Oil Set, a versatile collection for beauty enthusiasts. Explore a range of exquisite scents and endless possibilities for creating a spa-like experience at home. Dive into relaxation and pamper yourself with this high-quality essential oil gift set by MAYJAM.

Tea Tree 20-Piece Essential Oil Set for Gift & Beauty

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Great gift set!
The Tea Tree 20 Pcs Pure Essential Oil Gift Set offers a variety of high-quality scents in an elegantly packaged set, complete with droppers for convenient use. Ideal for both personal and professional applications, this collection is praised for its strong and pleasant fragrances, making it a valuable choice for enhancing aromatherapy practices and crafting projects.
  • Comes with droppers for easy use
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Variety of scents included
  • Strong and pleasant fragrances
  • Good for soap making and home fragrances

The Tea Tree 20 Pcs Pure Essential Oil Gift Set by MAYJAM offers a delightful sensory experience with its highly concentrated essential oils derived from natural plant sources. The set includes a wide range of scents such as Lavender, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and more, allowing you to enjoy a diverse selection of fragrances for various purposes. These essential oils are perfect for diffusers, humidifiers, skin care, massage, DIY candle and soap making, and aromatherapy in different rooms of your home.

MAYJAM’s 20x5ML Essential Oil Set is elegantly packaged, making it an ideal gift for friends and relatives. Whether you are a beginner exploring the world of essential oils or an experienced user looking for high-quality products, this gift set offers a convenient way to discover the beauty and benefits of different essential oils. Furthermore, MAYJAM stands by the quality of its products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction with the option of a replacement or full refund if needed.

Product Details
  • Quantity: 20 Pcs of Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Volume: 5ML per bottle
  • Usage: Suitable for diffusers, humidifiers, skin care, massage, DIY candle and soap making
  • Manufacturer: MAYJAM
  • Item model number: MA-1021

With its compact dimensions of 4.9 x 8.9 x 0.98 inches and a weight of 13.44 ounces, this essential oil gift set is not only versatile in its usage but also convenient to store or gift to loved ones. The product’s model number is MA-1021 and it was first made available on March 15, 2022, by the manufacturer MAYJAM under the ASIN: B09VKM8QMK.

Pure & Versatile Aromatherapy Collection
  • 20 piece pure essential oil gift set
  • Versatile uses for diffusers, humidifiers, skin care, massage, DIY candles, and soap making
  • Wide range of scents including lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, vanilla, and more
  • Elegant and stylish packaging for gifting to friends and relatives
  • High quality and satisfaction guarantee by MAYJAM

Introducing Tea Tree 20 Pcs Pure Essential Oil Gift Set


The Tea Tree 20 Pcs Pure Essential Oil Gift Set is a versatile collection suitable for diffusers, humidifiers, skin care, massage, and fragrance creation for candles and soap making. With each bottle containing 5ml of oil, this set offers a range of scents to explore.


  • Comes in a compact box, convenient for storage and gifting
  • Includes droppers for precise dispensing
  • Variety of scents to discover and enjoy
  • Ideal for both personal and professional use
  • Multi-purpose oils suitable for various applications

Customer Feedback

  • Customers appreciate the inclusion of droppers for ease of use
  • Some reviewers noted the variety and quality of scents provided in the set
  • A few users mentioned issues with the packaging and dispensing of the oils
  • Positive comments on the longevity and strength of the fragrances when used in diffusers and beauty products

Practical Tips

  • To remove the stoppers for easier extraction, gently pry them out before using the droppers
  • Consider incorporating these oils into your DIY soap and candle-making projects for a customized fragrance experience
  • Explore the provided scent ideas for diffusers to create different ambiances in your living space

Final Thoughts

The Tea Tree 20 Pcs Pure Essential Oil Gift Set offers a valuable assortment of scents for various purposes, making it a suitable option for both beginners and seasoned users. While there are some packaging and dispensing considerations, the overall quality of the oils and the positive feedback from customers highlight its potential for enhancing your aromatherapy and crafting experiences. Consider incorporating these essential oils into your routines for a touch of natural fragrance and wellness benefits.

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Discover a Range of Tea Tree Products to Elevate Your Skincare and Self-Care Routine

Buyer Guide for Selecting the Right Essential Oils for Skincare

Key Considerations

When selecting essential oils for skincare, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  1. Purity: Ensure that the essential oils are pure and free from synthetic additives.
  2. Quality: Look for oils that are extracted using high-quality methods such as steam distillation or cold pressing.
  3. Skin Compatibility: Consider your skin type and any sensitivities or allergies you may have.
  4. Purpose: Determine the specific skincare concerns you want to address with the essential oils.
  5. Packaging: Opt for oils that come in dark glass bottles to protect them from degradation due to light exposure.

Steps to Make an Informed Decision

Follow these steps to choose the right essential oils for skincare:

  1. Research: Investigate the benefits of different essential oils for skincare and their recommended uses.
  2. Read Reviews: Look for feedback from other users to gauge the effectiveness of the essential oils.
  3. Consult Experts: Seek advice from dermatologists or aromatherapists to tailor your selection to your skin’s needs.
  4. Perform Patch Tests: Before full application, conduct patch tests on a small area of skin to check for any adverse reactions.
  5. Consider Blending: Experiment with blending different essential oils to create customized skincare solutions.

Tips for Using the ‘Tea Tree 20 Pcs Pure Essential Oil Gift Set’

  • Dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil before applying it directly to the skin to avoid irritation.
  • Use tea tree oil in a diffuser to purify the air and promote a sense of calm.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo or conditioner for its antimicrobial properties.
  • Incorporate tea tree oil into DIY skincare products like face masks or body scrubs for its cleansing benefits.


Choosing the right essential oils for skincare involves considering factors such as purity, quality, skin compatibility, and packaging. Conduct thorough research, consult experts, and perform patch tests to ensure the selected oils align with your skincare needs. Experiment with blending oils and explore different ways to maximize the benefits of essential oils in your skincare routine.

Essential Oils FAQs

What are the top essential oils for promoting relaxation and stress relief?

Some of the top essential oils known for promoting relaxation and stress relief include Lavender, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense. These essential oils can help create a calm and soothing environment, aiding in stress reduction and relaxation.

What are the benefits of Tea Tree essential oil for massage?

Tea Tree essential oil is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, which can be beneficial for massage therapy. When used in massage, Tea Tree oil may help reduce muscle tension, inflammation, and provide a calming effect. Additionally, it can also help promote relaxation and overall well-being.

How can essential oils be used safely around pets and children?

Essential oils should be used around pets and children with caution. To ensure safety, it is advisable to keep essential oils out of reach of pets and children. When using essential oils in a diffuser, make sure the room is well-ventilated, and the concentration of the oil is diluted according to the instructions. Some essential oils may not be safe for pets or children, so it is recommended to research individual oils before use. If you have any concerns, it is best to consult with a veterinarian or pediatrician before using essential oils around pets or children.

Is Tea Tree oil suitable for use in soap making?

Yes, Tea Tree oil is suitable for use in soap making. It can add beneficial properties to the soap, such as its antibacterial and antifungal qualities, as well as a refreshing scent. When using essential oils in soap making, it is important to follow proper dilution guidelines and safety precautions.

Can Tea Tree oil be used for skin care?

Yes, Tea Tree oil can be used for skin care. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making it effective in treating acne, soothing skin irritations, and promoting overall skin health. It can be diluted with a carrier oil and applied topically to the skin. It is important to perform a patch test before using Tea Tree oil directly on the skin to avoid any potential irritation or allergic reactions.

How to incorporate Tea Tree oil in DIY candle making?

To incorporate Tea Tree oil in DIY candle making, you can add a few drops of the oil into the melted wax before pouring it into the candle container. Ensure the oil is well mixed with the wax for an even distribution of the fragrance. Adjust the number of drops based on your personal preference for scent strength before allowing the candle to solidify.

Are there any specific essential oils that are known for their immune-boosting properties?

Yes, there are specific essential oils known for their potential immune-boosting properties. Some commonly cited options include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, and lavender oil. These oils are often used in aromatherapy and home remedies for their potential benefits in supporting the immune system. It’s important to note that while some studies suggest immune-boosting properties for certain essential oils, more research is needed to definitively establish their effectiveness in this regard.

How to use Tea Tree essential oil in a diffuser?

To use Tea Tree essential oil in a diffuser, simply add a few drops of the oil into the water reservoir of your diffuser. The number of drops may vary depending on the size of your diffuser and your personal preference. Turn on the diffuser and enjoy the aromatic benefits of Tea Tree essential oil as it disperses throughout the room. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific diffuser model.

Experience the natural benefits of Tea Tree essential oil with our 20-piece gift set. Perfect for diffusers, skincare, and more. Share the gift of wellness with a friend today.

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  1. I’ve had a different experience with the strength of the fragrances. I found them a bit overwhelming. Would you consider offering milder options in the future?

    • We appreciate your feedback. We will take your suggestion into consideration for future product development. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Thank you for the detailed review! The elegant packaging and variety of scents make this set a perfect gift idea.

    • We’re glad you liked our product! Your appreciation for the packaging and scents means a lot to us. Thank you for your support.

  3. Could you suggest any specific combinations of scents for aromatherapy or crafting projects?

    • Thank you for your interest! For an energizing blend, try mixing tea tree with peppermint. For a calming effect, lavender and tea tree work well together.

  4. I appreciate the inclusion of droppers for easy use, making the product more user-friendly.

  5. I’ve found that the Lavender 20-Piece Essential Oil Set is quite popular on Amazon. Have you considered any similar alternatives to the Tea Tree set?

    • Thank you for the suggestion! Our Lavender 20-Piece Set is indeed a great choice. We also offer Eucalyptus and Peppermint sets that customers often enjoy.

  6. Thank you for acknowledging the user-friendly aspect of our product. We aim to provide convenience in every use.

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